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Welcome to my

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Here I showcase some of my crazy ideas.


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Mint Selfie As NFT

Want to make some souvenirs? This project is made to give attendees their Salesforce Architect Summit selfies as souvenirs.

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Unleashing Insights: Crafting a NextGen Amazon Data Scraping App

Experience seamless data extraction from Amazon with our NextJs and Brightdata-powered app.

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Freestyler OpenAI Weather

Experience real-time insights and personalized interactions with Freestyler OpenAI Weather.

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Building an Amazon Clone with Next.js

Build an Amazon clone with Next.js that allows users to log in with Google or Facebook, add products to their cart, and place orders.

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Next.js 13 Meets Azure & DALL-E: Revolutionizing Image Generation

Discover how Next.js 13, Microsoft Azure, and OpenAI's DALL-E converge in our latest application to transform user prompts into stunning images. This blog delves into the seamless integration of cutting-edge AI with cloud computing, offering a glimpse into the future of interactive web technology.